It's time to slow down to hear what the body is whispering..

Let us  see ourselves with gentle lips, compassionate eyes, soft ears, and an open heart...


Physically & Energetically

-Follow the pattern of your own body. Let gravity and your knowledge of your body guide you.
-Provide TLC for joints, ligaments, and tendons the "cooler"- Yin aspects of your body
-Release areas of tightness in the connective tissue that surrounds your joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, organs, and every fiber of your being
-Release tension in your hips, pelvis, and lower spine
-Elongate your joints
-Connect to your body with softness
-Provide healthy blood flow to your organs
-Increase QI (life force) energy. Connect with the layers of your energetic being
-Tend to first and second chakra’s + blocks or emotions that are being held in the area
-Practice stillness
-Decompress, deactivate, regenerate, restore, rest
-A great practice to balance a yang practice like Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Power Yoga, Hot Yoga, Running, Cycling,  Gym, or Sports
-Connect with your natural breath
-Great for anyone who has injury or is on the mend
-For anyone and everyone

eyes closed.jpg

Mentally & Emotionally

-Witness the mental and emotional body
-Release emotional blocks, trauma, stories, patterns, and stagnant energy in the body
-Cool Down
-Quiet down
-Learn to be present with what IS
-Learn steps for meditation
-Practice self care
-Learn acceptance, kindness, mindfulness, compassion, and ease
-Time to feel, witness, and visualize
-Unwind, relax, and recharge in a soothing space
-Learn from your breath


Heart Consciously

-Nourish inner peace & harmony
-Learn another way of SELF CARE that your HEART, mind, body & spirit need
-Guide yourself with Mantra & Intention
-Give yourself SELF LOVE
-See what stems from the blessings of YOUR divine Love
-AUTHENTIC practice: no need to push or strive. Acknowledge the current state of the Heart. Explore your hearts truths; the depths, the pain, the bliss;
feel the tides of the truest and most divine portal of Love
-As you Journey into the HEART, remember & reclaim the essence of your spirit, your unique soul, and your divine being
-Open YOUR gift of grace
-EMPOWER yourself to embrace who you are