Wandering Roots Healing Events

Wandering Roots’s intention is to make healing accessible and available to and for all. No one will ever be turned away.

Wandering Roots workshops and events are centered around various realms of healing and empowerment. The intention of this time is to create space for individuals to deepen their connection to self, while bringing people together and creating community through a blending of educational, energetic, interpersonal, creative, and movement based offerings.  These events will often involve Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, Qi Gong, Massage, Natural Remedies, Crafting, Song, Musical Instruments, Poetry/ Writing, and partner activities. Woven together through a focus on the elements or theme each event has a harmonious and mindfully prepared transition from one practitioner to the next.  

These events are mainly donation based/ sliding scale to make healing arts accessible. We also have karma service available for people to get involved and co-create with us. Another one of our intentions is, to create these events as opportunities for (wellness) artists to collaborate or step into their power as healers, teachers, and visionaries by leading a portion of the event. Wandering Roots encourages anyone who feels called to lead or create to reach out to them with their vision or offering. All of this will empower and expand healing within and beyond our communities. 

Wandering Root form is usually 3-4 hour Healing Arts offerings, All - day healing events, or short workshops. We also can open a wellness booth at events. 

Zach and Kristen are trauma aware and sensitive guides who bring sincerity, kindness, respect, mindfulness, and a full heart every time. Their main intention in hosting these events is to begin to offer healing arts to communities that may not have accessibility to them. Wandering Roots is prepared and available to host classes, workshops, and events at your event space, office, hospital, rehabilitation center, or school. These can be one time, monthly, or weekly offerings. Wandering Roots also offers their healing arts booth at your event to infuse relaxation, peace, and wellness in your guest's experience.

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