Kristen Volpone has been assisting and teaching with me for the past six years. I’ve been very fortunate to have worked with many amazing teachers, but Kristen is unique in the depth of her understanding of the practice of Yoga and Yin Yoga in particular. She teaches from a place of deep wisdom that is born from her hearts courage to be present with what life has brought her.
I’ve taught Kristen philosophy, anatomy and most of what I know about Yin Yoga, but she continues to remind me of what the practice is really about. I’m grateful to be teaching with Kristen and to be constantly reminded by her that what lies at the heart of Yin Yoga is compassion and unconditional love.
Thank you, Kristen, for being one of my most important teachers and for bringing your heart so courageously into the world.
With Gratitude and Love
— Biff Mithoefer, Yin Yoga Teacher, Author of "The Yin Yoga Kit" & "The Theraputic Yoga Kit"

Kristen is a sweet and gentle guide into the world of Yin Yoga. She allows for much needed space for you to look into yourself, and really be present with your thoughts and emotions in the poses. Often she will recite poetry during the class, and the poems always resonate deeply in the heart and aid in the healing and restoring practice. Overall, it’s a lovely and gentle experience, a wonderful gift to yourself if you’re in need of a little TLC- which most of us so often are.
— Sarah Rayne, Founder of Fire Bird Healing Arts

Kristen teaches, heals, and lives from the heart. Her Yin Yoga classes have become my favorite classes offered at Root Mamma. They offer a chance to connect into the body and heart without unnecessarily stressing or tensing the body. Mixing in poetry, sound, and Reiki helps to deepen the practice and places the emotions front and center. Its difficult to leave Kristen’s class not feeling rejuvenated.
— Zachary Brady, Co-Founder Wandering Roots Healing Events

Kristen is the type of being who never stops giving, whether she’s physically near you, or far far away, as much as one can love her, you never really feel that you miss her, because she’s never really gone, I personally get from her continuously ,the the most precious messages of peace and love , she is in fact always in the midst of our hearts sending an abundance of love , to each and every one of her recipients, coming to think of that her session never really comes to an end with her recipient , the flow of healing energy always seems to continue , and that’s why we feel so alive , those of us who were privileged to cross paths with her know exactly what I’m talking about, and those who have not had that privilege yet please pray that you do get to cross paths with her your life will never be the same afterwards.
— Nathanel S. , Reiki Client

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— Damian, Mexico

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— Pauli, Germany

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— Nicola, Colombia