Private Yoga Sessions

I am a private Yoga & Meditation teacher living in Bushwick Brooklyn. I currently have openness in my schedule to take on new clients. If you're experiencing any tenderness, tightness, aches, or pains in the body this can be addressed through Yoga. We will stretch and move the body in a way that will build endurance, resistance, strength, mobility, and flexibility. We will address the breath, bones, muscles, ligaments, connective tissue, and organs. No part of you will be left out. I have worked with people with many physical conditions, from ages ranging 10-70+ years old. I will meet you wherever your body is at. Although the physical is important, so is metal, emotional, and energetic health. If you feel challenged by stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, or are dealing with illness or loss, I can work with you to calm your nerves and find balance, peace, and ease. If you are going through any kind of transition I can work with you to clearly see your next steps and bring your vision to life. My intention is simply in assisting you to feel good living in your body; and to nurture joy, peace, and your vision in living this beautiful life.

Types of Private sessions
-Yin Yoga
-Hatha Yoga
-Vinyasa Yoga
-Yin/Yang Yoga for Balance
-Yin+ Reiki
-Yin + Sound Healing
-Yin + Aromatouch Massage

I offer package deals.  With consistency there will be energetic shifts. If you're interested let's talk!
Contact me at :