Bringing Yin Out into the World

Yin is not just a practice but a quality, an attitude, and a energetic vibration that is received, reciprocated, recreated, expanded, and transformational. 


Kuan Yin - Guan Yin

When we learn about the bodhisattva Kuan Yin we learn that she is the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion.  Many speak of her as "The one who hears the sounds of the world". Kuan Yin can serve as a metaphor for us. Life is not easy. Many of us are sympathetic, empathetic, and intuitive. Because we have senses we see and hear in a way that deeply effects. moves, or leaves resonance within. Some of the challenging memories, transitions, and moments serve as a wise teacher or guide. Some of these moments can impact us so deeply we have trauma or feel empowered/ called to serve. 
Kuan Yin teaches us to kindly observe the >sounds< and energetic vibrations of the emotions around you in your families, communities, and in our world. Kuan Yin is a metaphor to guide your life, your actions, your words with compassion for all -(EARTH/ NATURE, and all BEINGS). 

Kuan Yin hears the cries of the world, she listens deeply, forgives, accepts, and holds us with kindness. The YIN attitude- compassionate attitude is the ultimate healing & a bright LIGHT which acknowledges + transcends. She teaches us that listening deeply is the first step.  Without listening we cannot give this, or live this. We must start to listen within to what is happening in ourselves. We must hear our own cries, and practice compassion with ourselves. If you cannot hear yourself you cannot clearly hear others. The practice of compassion is a root that begins within the heart and extends outwards into the world. 

 We are at a particularly tender time in the world. 

 Many of us feel deep pain and a heavy heart with the temperaments and attitudes in the world that are causing harm.  Many of us have risen angry, flustered, confused, and with fire & flight. Many of us feel that our liberties are being taken and that our humanity is in danger. And many feel disrespected, unseen, and a lack of embrace by their communities. During this time it is easy to meet aggression with more aggression- not just with others, but within ourselves.

     It's important in this state to open to a practice a dialogue to remind ourselves of the power we have to create mindful community, kindness, softness, and love. No, it doesn't make what’s happening right, but it will give us breath to aid in our experience during these times. It will allow us to relate, connect, express, and process these emotions and energies instead of pushing them down or repressing them. Then we start to cultivate something within...a seed from grace. This seed then flourishes and expands within and has no other choice but to stem through us. This is the metamorphosis which offers itself as an ointment to a wounded state.

     Living with Yin is a deep meditative practice which opens an inner dialogue. Instead of encouraging where we should be, we witness where we are in our Body, Mind, and Heart. From this, a seed is awakened and nourished in our hearts. We remember our truth. We begin to let go of certain stories we tell ourselves. We can let go of the dance of society...and we can start to allow ourselves to rest. From this deep rest the gifts of grace manifest…and we generate softness, ease, kindness, and compassion which we can take into the world.

Kristen Volpone assisting her teacher Biff Mithoefer at a Yin Yoga training @ Kaia Yoga

Kristen Volpone assisting her teacher Biff Mithoefer at a Yin Yoga training @ Kaia Yoga

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As YOU practice Yin Yoga...

Lets face it, we are a little hard on ourselves and others.
"I should to do more of this....I am not doing enough of this..."
This is often dialogues of "I am not good enough" or "I can be better" - this can be of the Ego & perfectionist mind. It can serve us in certain ways, and in others it can cause tremendous inner suffering.
How can we start to nourish self Compassion and see ourselves with kindness instead of hardness?
Take a moment to be still, and be present before doing.
How soft and kind can we come out of one posture to transition to the next?
How soft and kind can we enter one situation to the next?
A transition is just as important as the place where we arrive

What is your body trying to communicate to you? Become aware of this dialogue, of your bodies sensations.
Are You holding onto anything? (physically, mentally, emotionally?)
Soften into this edge, this sensation…
Allow Yin shapes to whisper your bodies secrets and truths...
What is coming up in this posture?
Where are you feeling tenderness or tightness?
Become a witness to your thoughts, feelings, and sensations, watch their dialogue, watch them come in and out of the present moment.
Maybe they begin to dissipate
Maybe you exhale out the mouth and soften further
Marinate in the Yin shapes to uncover all the places of Being that are a part of YOU
We move energy by being still, by confronting ourselves, by being present, and staying here awhile...
And when you come out maybe you feel clearer, calmer, and like more space has been created
Move kindly, softly, and slowly,
Gently enter what is next with a compassion and loving presence

Where ever YOU are is beautiful...
Maybe visualize the word KINDNESS or COMPASSION.
Visualize your heart beaming its softness and warmth...
Watch that softness and warmth expand throughout your whole inner being..
Do not force, but invite instead
Fill yourself up with lightness and ease
Expand that to your thoughts, actions, and words

When we really surrender to ourselves, our process, our dance, our journey, our experience...
We accept our own path- Creating space and opportunity to manifest.
This is something we can continue to practice beyond the physical practice of Yin Yoga....
We can practice this every day in our minds and hearts.