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It's time to slow down to hear what the body is whispering

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The Intersections of Yin Yoga, Poetry, & Sound with the Jamtse Yin Yoga School

November 8th-10th 2019
@ Heart of the Village , Manchester, VT



Yin + Sound : jamtse yin yoga sound journey
SUNday maY 5TH @ 3:00pm- 4:30pm

We exist in multitudes of frequency waves infused with light and energy. Every cell within us is dancing and pulsing from moment-to-moment. Sound vibration from sacred instruments guide us to journey with these frequencies through a relaxing and deeply reflective trance. The quiet practice of Yin Yoga is a body meditation that can take us into the depths of our emotional and subtle energetic bodies.

In this workshop we will explore these layers of our being in simple postures as waves of sound emerges and dissipates. We will have the support of blankets, blocks, bolsters, and poetry to allow us to find softness and ease in this experience.

This sonic journey is led by Kristen Volpone & Derek Rusinek
We will have over 10 sweet vibrational instruments to tune us into Being ♥

Derek Rusinek is a multi instrumentalist and audio engineer based in NYC. Since a young age he has explored the vibratory realm of sound as a means of self expression and connection to community. He takes inspiration from nature & the interconnections of ecology. Derek plays the bass, didgeridoo and guitar.

This is a part of a Wandering Roots Event and follows a hour QI Gong class led by Zack Brady. This is a sliding scale event of $15-$25 and starts at 1pm.



expand + align - a root & sacral chakra journey

saturday may 4TH 2019 @ 2Pm - 3:30pm
274 Bowery 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10012